Single Site Build

Single Site Build


Tailored solution

Responsive Layout

All designs are mobile friendly and built with SEO in mind.

Ready Out Of The box

Once the site is complete, it is complete! That means all images, text, forms, and analytics

Subtle & Clean Design

I design my sites around the content with smooth animations. So the site will always look professional.

What It’s All About

Be Successful Online

So, you’re looking to have a site built, but want to update and manage it yourself? Well, you’re not alone and I have you covered. I created Morgan Web Development with the goal of helping businesses become successful online, and while I do offer yearly contracts for comprehensive site management, I realize that not everyone needs this level of service.

Most of the time, the hardest part about getting your site going is the initial build. Setting up the templates, installing analytics and necessary plugins, and integrating marketing forms. However, once everything is set up, making changes and maintaining the site can be relatively easy and may not require a significant amount of time. That is why I started Single Site Builds. So individuals and businesses can quickly get their sites up and running with everything they need to be successful already installed and set up, and then continue to manage their site on their own for one standard set price.

How It Works

Best Practice Design.

Like most of the services I provide, I think projects work best when they are structured as a set fixed price. It allows the client to know exactly how much it will cost, how the project will be executed, and just makes life easier for everyone. That is why I have a specific project flow that I follow every time, so there is no confusion, unexpected payments, and usual stressors around web design can be reduced

Portfolio Samples

Due to the traffic of this site and out of respect for my clients analytics I don’t feature them on my websites, however, I am happy to set up a call to speak about past projects or case studies that are similar to your business needs. In the meantime, here are some snapshots of demos I have built in the past. 

Rest Assured – If you can think it, I can build it!

So What’s The Price


I like to keep it simple. That’s a fixed price and involves building the site, configuring the plugins, setting up your marketing forms, and installing analytics.

For simpler sites an hourly purchase may be the better option.

What's Included
Complete Site Build
Plugin Installation & Configuration
1 Year Free Hosting
Marketing Software Installation
Contact Form Creation
Email Marketing Setup
Analytic Installation
1 Year Membership to the Design Academy

The Tools I Use

While I am happy to use any tools that you want if you want something specific, there are a few I have worked with for years and use by default. Unless you are very committed to a particular software, I highly recommend you use the ones I suggest. I can promise you they are almost always the best solution to your needs

Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Google Search Console
Google Workspace
Google Analytics

My workflow

  • Analyze

    We will discuss your project in detail. What you are looking for, designs you may like, your goals, what features you want, color scheme, etc.

  • Content Gathering

    In order for me to start building I’ll need a domain to work off of, which I can help you get if needed, along with any images and text you would like to be on your site.

  • Initial Build

    Once I have all the content, I’ll start building the site. This usually takes about 2 weeks and involves building the site and creating any accounts that may be needed.

  • First Review

    After the site initial build is completed, we will review it and highlight any changes that you would like to be made to the site.

  • Second Build

    I will take the changes we highlighted in the first review and apply them to the site.

  • Second Review

    We will review the site one more time after the second build is complete to see if there are any final changes you would like to make to the site.

  • Final build

    I will take the changes highlighted in the second review and apply them to the site along with installing your analytic tracking.

  • Project Completion

    Once the final build is completed I’ll hand over the admin accounts to your site, analytics and marketing tools along with access to the Morgan Web Development Design Academy which has training materials to help you manage and maintain your site.

Just looking for some maintenance or marketing

Besides designing site, I also offer maintenance and digital marketing services. Whether you need some design changes to your site or monthly analytics reports, I will work with you to keep you site up and running and help it grow.

Current Capacity

I don’t outsource any of my work, so I have a limited capacity to take on new projects. And the single site builds tend to fill up quick, so if you’re interested contact me and we can start discussing your project.

Yearly Contracts
Single Site Builds
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